We are able to create nonexistent things in a persuasive and mesmerizing way, it´s a magnificent value we can bring our customers. We can help you creating images for visualizate your ideas, projects or products, and give you and idea of how can look before you start the production.

About Me


My name is Eric Obregón, I’m Industrial Designer and CG Artist, and I’m giving you the welcome to my personal portfolio. We have worked in the CGI industry for over 15 years.
What started as an interesting hobby, was converted with the time into a business, spanning a range of 3D modelling projects.

We can helps our clients bringing their products to real life, and providing the opportunity of see those products before be built.Also we can help you to sell your projects or products, providing impact images for your campaigns, posters, magazines. Or simply providing images to improve the presentation of your product’s packages.

We can help you with project arquitectural visualization of interiors or exteriors, visualization of products, cars or infographies. We are available for CGI projects and would like to ask you to look around the Portfolio which showcases our 3D models, and digital illustrations done for some of our clients and some personals projects.

Thanks by your visit !!!


                                                                                   Email:   jobregoncg@gmail.com

                                                                              Phone:  (593) 096 334 6785